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Friday, November 7, 2014

Problem with your magic mouse in Adobe Fireworks? Spotify might be the culprit!!

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When your Apple Magic Mouse suddenly doesn't behave in Adobe Fireworks, who would possibly think that Spotify could be causing trouble? Or Radia? Or Google Play Music Taskbar? Well, the answer lies in these applications "binding media keys".

So, I got a call from my brother-in-law a little while ago who was desperately trying to do some image editing in Adobe Fireworks for some new uploads to his website. He hadn't used the software in a good few months and was tearing his hear out because it just wasn't playing ball. He wanted to select areas with the magic wand tool to change the colour. But nothing was working. Selecting seemed random and colours were not changing. Eventually he made the call to his family "help desk".

A Skype-screen share later and we were still none the wiser. I tried the same steps in parallel on my machine with the same photo and everything was going fine. But no such luck for him! We suddenly noticed though that when he performed a right-click on an area, he was actually able to get his selection, even though the pop-up window would also be activated as expected from a right-click. A work-around in the making? Not really: a) this only worked for the magic wand but not for the paint bucket tool (which turned itself into a cutting tool after the right-click!!!) and b) it's never a good idea to make do with work arounds when there is obviously something fundamentally wrong. But at least we now knew that the problem was connected to the magic mouse.

Checking through the mouse settings though didn't show up anything unusual and turning off the right-click function didn't fix things either.

But armed with some better search terms, we finally came across an article in the Apple forums that shed light on our problem, as random as it seemed to us. Thanks to MotoJockeyTX and his thread, I asked my brother-in-law if he happened to have installed Spotify recently on his machine. Turns out he did!! And hey presto, as soon as he disabled it everything went back to normal in Fireworks! Apparently, the software binds the Mac's media key for better and more convenient performance.... Now, don't ask me what this means in normal language but there's your culprit. I thought I'd share this in case someone is searching for a solution to the same problem and your Google search might land you here!

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