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Monday, February 8, 2016

Is putting up pictures of team members on your website a good idea?

Never mind the statistics that support staff/team photos on websites lead to higher conversation rates (more on that in the article), I personally really love seeing pictures and not just names of the people I will do business with. But there seems to be something in our Irish psyche that makes us shy away from presenting our business selves online with more than just words.

As I web designer, I constantly struggle with trying to convince my clients that we should place photos of them on their websites. Granted, there are surely certain types of websites that are perfectly fine to stick with basic information about the people behind the site such as portal websites, directories, discussion  forums etc. But for small business owners, being accessible and personal can be one of the core drivers in attracting their customers to purchase from them rather than their competitors. 

Unless I already know of a business or service, I tend to do all my pre-purchase research online, ie. via potential supplier's websites. How much nicer is it then to go into a business to meet the person I already "got to know" through their photo on their website? It certainly steps up the comfort level by a notch or two. And the photo doesn't even have to be a formal portrait shot! Depending on the business, even an informal or "in-situ" shot can make a difference. And on top of it all, going a bit quirky can even be part of your branding - something we see lots of on creative agency websites!

Check out this About Us page from the website. Even the office dogs get a mention!

But one of my favourite Team page ideas I've come across is on the website. Here's a screenshot but to get the full effect, you'll have to head over to their website and move your mouse around the page. Watch the heads follow your every move. I love it!

But just because you're not in a creative business doesn't mean that you can't come up with some friendly, inviting and personable team shots for your website. You don't need to give every team member their own individual portrait in case that might initiate a mutiny! But some decent group shots will still go a long way towards connecting with your potential customers when the time comes for making that sale.

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