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Plan and Optimise a Website Course Coming in October

I'm delighted to say that I've been scheduled to run a 4 x 1/2 day "Plan & Optimise a Website" training programme for Leitrim Local Enterprise Office starting in October. You can book your place at the link below. And to top it all off, they're throwing in a 1-hour mentoring session for each participant at the end of the programme too.

inTandem's project for Cox Architects is featuring on the MyCreativeEdge website today

Last summer, we built a new website for Cox Architects in Westport, Co. Mayo which was part funded by a talent voucher through the My Creative Edge project. This morning, our story was published on the website.

New Regulations for Consumer Sales Come Into Effect 13 June 2014

Do you Sell To Consumers? Additional rules apply to contracts concluded with consumers after June 13 2014 for on-premises contracts (buying in a shop), distance contracts (including online sales) and off-premises contracts. Different rules apply to the different types of sales. The following article is published thanks to Michelle McLoughlin, Solicitor, Legal Consultant and Trainer.

How to Switch off the Broadcasting of Every Change to Your LinkedIn Profile

Have you ever found yourself making a small change to your LinkedIn profile and immediately you receive messages from a bunch of your contacts either congratulating you on your "new job" or asking what's going on? This is one of the more frequent gripes I have heard my clients voice when we chat about their social media profile management. Well, fortunately you can stop the broadcasting of these changes with just a few simple steps.

We Have Moved!

From Lovely Leitrim to Surprising Sligo!

Catfishing and How to Google an Image

Apologies for my longish absence ... we are in the middle of a house/office move and tasks like blogging have been put on the long finger for a coupe of weeks! But I am back with a piece about a lovely, fake Facebook invitation I received recently. Anybody who has ever watched the MTV programme "Catfish" will know all about these, and thanks to the show I knew how to test if the profile was real within a few quick clicks.

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