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We Have Moved!

From Lovely Leitrim to Surprising Sligo!

Catfishing and How to Google an Image

Apologies for my longish absence ... we are in the middle of a house/office move and tasks like blogging have been put on the long finger for a coupe of weeks! But I am back with a piece about a lovely, fake Facebook invitation I received recently. Anybody who has ever watched the MTV programme "Catfish" will know all about these, and thanks to the show I knew how to test if the profile was real within a few quick clicks.

Inspirational Homes and fomerly Leitrim-based Designer Gordon Ryan in the News

‚ÄčI feel all in the thick of things today: The Sunday Times magazine is full of people from our neck of the woods!

SWELL Sligo - A swell new business network for "Web - Creative - Enterprise"

Last week I was lucky enough to nab a place at the inaugural SWELL SLIGO networking event that took place in Strandhill, Sligo. Funded by Sligo LEADER partnership, this was a networking event full of positive vibe, offering a highly energised and confident environment to mingle with like-minded industry people from the local business community. And the fab supper put on by Shells Cafe wasn't too bad either!

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