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7 SEO Trend Predictions for 2014

Of course it is impossible to make firm prediction about SEO trends in 2014 and we have all witnessed the constant changes Google is applying to its search metrics and methodologies. But after a bit of research through the many websites happy to offer predictions nonetheless, here are the key points I have come across.

A - Z: Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of a site is the percentage of visitors that view only a single page before leaving the site again (and is often confused with the "exit rate" which is an entirely separate statistic). Single-page visitors are generally seen as an indicator of a problem with your website as we obviously want to keep visitors on the site as long as possible and not to leave after a quick look. But there can be plenty of other reasons for a "bounce", so keeping an eye on your site statistics will help you decipher what's really going on.

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