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Still have not converted your website to mobile-friendly design? Here are a ton of reasons why you should convert right now!

I recently came across this great infographic about How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly from the guys over at First Site Guide. It's full of stats and advice. Check out in particular the section about what are the important mobile optimisation factors for consumers down at the very end.

7 SEO Trend Predictions for 2014

Of course it is impossible to make firm prediction about SEO trends in 2014 and we have all witnessed the constant changes Google is applying to its search metrics and methodologies. But after a bit of research through the many websites happy to offer predictions nonetheless, here are the key points I have come across.

Welcome to inTandem's New Responsive Website!

After spending the last year telling our clients that the way forward is responsive web design, how could we keep our old, static website in place for much longer? Put your money where your mouth is, I say! But as always, web designers tend to work on their own site last, so after months of squeezing in development work here and there, we're finally live!

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Responsive web design, mobile apps, mobile websites ... for a lay person it can get quite intimidating to find your way around the maze that is the new mobile Internet world! If your head is spinning with all the new terminology but you want to make sure that you're not just betting on the newest fad, read this article and be prepared for the new expectations of your web users.

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