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Names in Frames Personalised Gifts

Custom - Ecommerce - MODX - Logo Design - design

We designed a first e-commerce website using the PayPal payments system for this client who makes personalised gifts for children and the home. The site is maintained by the MODx content management system, allowing the client to easily set up new product pages without the need for involvement by the web designer. The brief was for a playful, yet professional website that sets the tone for the client's handmade products, allows for user interaction and is easily maintained. There were no prior marketing materials available and all design was developed by inTandem.

We created the logo by digitally redrawing an existing hand-stitched design from the client and combined it with a playful font that is also being used throughout the website.

Technologies Used

  • MODX Evolution
  • custom-design
  • logo design
  • ecommerce using PayPal

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