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Sligo Yacht Club

Custom - MODX - Associations & Clubs

The Sligo-based client was looking for a complete redesign of their previous Joomla-based website to achieve a modern, bright look that reflects a mixture of a young and traditional membership base. As the club represents a number of different racing classes, it was important to structure the site in a way that would make it very simple for members to find information that relates to their particular area of interest in one place. The site is linked into a number of external race results systems without the need to leave the site structure.

Finally, a special Crew Finder system was developed that allows registered boat owners and sailors to communicate with each other via the website and optimise the sailing experience for all members.

Technologies Used

  • MODX Evolution
  • custom-design
  • course booking system
  • Crew FinderĀ 
  • Campaign Monitor newsletter system

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